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Scott Sports / Dane Tudor

Scott Sports / Dane Tudor

Fueled By Passion, Driven for Life

For Pro Skier Dane Tudor, Mountain Bike has become a summer staple. Taking a mountain bike to locations that he frequently visits in the winters, Dane shows us what it is to get lost, and to really feel the flow that the mountains have on offer.
An edit is footage put to music with no story line, just a compilation or mashup, so to speak. A video can have a broader audience, because every shot connects to the last, inspiring thoughts in the viewers mind and can potentially bring new meaning to ones life. A video takes you from beginning to end, across space and time.
— Dane Tudor

Training Inspiration. Ski / Winter shots are from third party.

Canadian big-mountain freeskier Dane Tudor, who appears in Teton Gravity Research's new film, "Paradise Waits," out this fall, talks about how he gets ready for ski season. Additional Footage By: Teton Gravity, Stellar Media
Dane Tudor shreds the Scott Genius LT 700 tuned on the trails surrounding the Rossland area.