Summer 2k15

Quite the summer indeed. Was fortunate to have filmed a grand total of over 45 videos this summer averaging a little over 2 per week! This summers highlights included my first "National" TV commercial with Tourism Rossland, an athlete profile for ESPN and being featured on air and online on CBC. Can't wait to see what comes next! Thanks to everyone has helped along the way.

A Calgary Afternoon

Had some free time over the weekend and decided to spend a couple hours filming in and around Eau Claire Park in Calgary Alberta with the drone. Short, but ever so sweet. Being Calgary, the weather can change on a whim so I figured to get this out as snow or rain may appear at any moment...

Year one: Calgary

Film Reel encompassing videos shot during September 2014 - April 2015

Time is 2:05 AM

Shots around greater Trail taken during the night

J+M Kruchen Wedding

48 hour delivery... 

Christina meets a drone

Brought the Drone out to Christina Lake, BC